• About George

    Hi, I’m George. 

    I’m a LGBTQ+ and ENM-affirming anxiety and relationship therapist. I’ve been through my own battles with the exhaustion, restlessness and stomach tension that comes with anxiety. I also had to pioneer my own way through being in intercultural and unconventional relationships. The main guidance I bring to the table is my personal experiences with being a human, just like you and my training as a marriage and family therapist, including intercultural communication and ecopsychology.

    We would be a good match if you like a balance of challenge and validation. I like to provide SMART goals and actionable assignments in between sessions.  This helps us track your progress and well as see where we may need to switch gears. Clients that commit to a combination of these assignments and attending weekly therapy sessions show the best results.

    Therapy is a trial and error process that takes an average of 12 sessions. I would be honored to guide you on your journey towards wellbeing and healthy relationships. Schedule complimentary 10-minute consultation now at the Request Appointment button below.