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    You can never seem to get on track.

    You’ve tried everything you can think of from ideas from youtube to suggestions from other people.  The message you’re gotten through life is to try harder.  And just trying harder never seems to work.

    Whether you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or some of the traits attributed to it, trying harder isn’t going to work.  What the well meaning people who try to help don’t know is that you need to try differently.

    My attention is all over the place.

    Each time you lose your keys, forget to turn off the stove, or get sidetracked and loose track of time, you roll your eyes at yourself.  Not again!  You’ve been trying hard to stop doing these things and you can’t seem to stop.  You feel angry at yourself and at others for reminding you to do something you already know you’re bad at. Whether its at home, work or school, you can’t keep up and forget.

    Each though is like a fridge magnet.  And as soon as you stick another magnet on the fridge, one of the previous magnets loses its power and falls to the floor. There are only so many thoughts that can stay in your mind at once. All you know is there is “now” and “not now.” The in between is what really gets you.

    As much as I want to, I can’t sit still and relax.

    You’ve tried yoga and meditation.  If only you could calm your your mind enough to get through it, maybe it would work! Your legs bounce and you squirm in your seat while sitting, not quite being able to be comfortable.  

    Your mind trails from one topic to the next and before you know it, its onto a subject totally unrelated.  You may be able to see how you got from A to B but when talking to the person in front of you, they struggle to make sense of what you’re trying to tell them.

    If only you knew what practical steps that could actually help.

    Whether its organization, keeping up with deadlines, being on time, or focusing on the task at hand, there are practical tools you can learn to support you with focusing yourself on whatever it is you need to do. Imagine being able to get things done in a timely mater.  What could it be like to stay focused on the topic at hand?

    Learning tools and techniques that are different that a neurotypical person can be life-changing.  Through building self confidence in your brain style, understanding what actually works for you, and treating any anxiety or depression that comes as a result from ADHD traits, you can function at a level you have often thought you would never get to. 

    Reach out today by phone, email or contact form to set up a free consult call or your first therapy session to support you in navigating your ADHD traits.