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    Highly Sensitive People

    Nausea and butterflies in your stomach, heart racing, sweating palms, and foggy brain.  These are some of the reactions you may have around loud noises, crowds of people, or overwhelming smells.  Even when you are with friends, you hit a very clear point where your ability to be present and social suddenly runs out.  You want to immediately leave the space and feel pressure to stay because it is socially acceptable.

    You prefer to spend time by yourself, sometimes under your covers or in a dimly lit room.  Reading, watching tv, listening to music and spending time in nature or closed spaces are likely where you find yourself when you have “me” time. Often you feel pressure to figure out how to change your ways.  

    No matter how many times you’ve exposed yourself to triggers to your overwhelm (smells, places, people, noises, brightness), not much seems to change.  When you see an acquaintance in public, you immediately walk the other way. 

    You are a highly sensitive person and often have been told you are “too sensitive”. You are tired of hearing “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and “you just have to get a tough skin” from others. People in your life tell you to “just try harder.”

    Imagine being able to accept your traits and yourself.  Instead of trying harder, you learn to try differently.  You are able to have boundaries with others, be assertive with your needs, and adjust spaces you experience life in to calm your overwhelm. You get clarity on what types of people, situations and environments don’t work for your optimal mental health. 

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