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    Therapy for Anxiety

    Life is a constant drain on your battery.

    You don’t know if you can take another day of this. Nausea, shaking and sweating, each daily task feels like you won’t make it through.  Somehow, you continue to, even though it doesn’t feel good. Things that other seem to breeze right through cause you pain, discomfort and stress that doesn’t always make sense.

    A panicked feeling comes up in you if you have plans later today, if you have to talk to someone, or even if you’re rehashing a past experience with someone that left you feeling bad. You feel that you are an over-thinker, a people pleaser, and just tapped out from having to go through this every day like this.  Another day, another series of anxiety to push through.

    You like the idea of being social, but the reality is too much.

    Your friend cancels plans and you feel a sigh of relief. You didn’t want to leave your house anyways.  Too many draining people to talk to, noises and interactions to deal with. You can definitely relax now.  Except you can’t because now you are feeling anxiety in a different way. 

    You feel bad that you don’t want to spend more time with others, and your guilt about how you’re supposed to be keeps you paralyzed.  You lay in bed and take a nap just so you don’t have to think about anything. You zone out to TV shows or Youtube videos just to get your mind on something else.  The anxiety continues to come back and you keep on refocusing.

    At night, though you’ve been tired and looking forward to your bed all day, your mind spirals with negative thoughts that keep you up, ruining your sleep. Then you start to worry about not sleeping. You can’t seem to get comfortable or tired enough. You think thoughts like “I am a failure”, “I’m not enough” and “I am unlovable.”

    Learn tools to help your anxiety.

    Through therapy, we can work together on mapping out your cycles of anxiety.  We can identify the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs get in your way You are not stuck just pushing through and experiencing this for the rest of your life.  

    Once we are able to identify all the influences that contribute to your overall anxiety, we can work strategically to implement holistic techniques and perspectives to take you from “this is too much” to “I got this!”

    You can be in control.

    Imagine being able to relax every muscle in your body.  You’re able to reflect on your thoughts and identify when your are on a spiral. You have the scripts you need to make it through social situations.  You’re able to share your boundaries clearly and directly. And most of all, you are able to have thoughts that don’t just center around worrying.

    Spend time with friends without wanting to leave as soon as possible.  Understand what is causing discomfort around other people and be able to calm yourself. Gain clarity on when pushing through is for your well being vs. when you are causing yourself more pain than you need to. I would be honored to support you in finding the peace, calm and control you seek.

    Reach out today to set up a free 20-minute consultation at [email protected] or 843-900-6880.