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1715 Hollydale Ct Suite B, Johns Island, SC 29455
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    Where is your office located? 

    In The Lowcountry Mindfulness Center at 1715 Hollydale Ct. Suite B Johns Island, SC 29455; I have in-person sessions available Wednesdays exclusively

    Telehealth sessions available M-F to residents of Oregon and South Carolina.

    What are your hours? 

    Monday-Friday from 10am-8pm Eastern; 7am-5pm Pacific

    How long are sessions?

    Sessions are 45 minutes.

    How much do you charge?

    This is hard to determine without me first getting a better sense of your unique combination of needs in therapy. Call or email today to set up a free 20-minute initial phone consultation.

    Do you take insurance? 

    Thank you so much for answering that important question. Unfortunately, many therapists, including our providers at Acceptance Wellness, can’t afford to accept the reimbursements that insurance companies offer while still providing the quality of care we believe our clients deserve.

    Do you offer sliding scale or low fee sessions?

    I do not offer sliding scale.  However, I do have a few graduate student counseling interns who do offer a low fee for sessions.  Ask me for more information. More information about our interns here.

    Do you prescribe medications? 

    No. However I can refer you to psychiatrists and doctors that can prescribe and manage medication alongside your therapy work with me.

    How do I set up an initial appointment? 

    Reach out via phone or email to set up a free consult call.  

    What is your cancellation policy? 

    Cancelling in under 48 hours or not showing up to session will result in being charged the full session fee.

    What age ranges do you work with? 

    Age 16 and up.

    Do you work with specific genders identities or sexual orientations? 

    I work with all gender identities and sexual orientations.  I focus on mainly on the LGBTQ+ community, though straights and cisgender folks are welcome too 😉

    What do you actually do in sessions with clients? 

    We start with an intake session where I ask a lot of assessment questions to find out more about your background and current experiences.  That way, I am able to better frame what would be most helpful in our ongoing sessions.  

    These sessions can include validating your experiences, sharing helpful tools and techniques, learning new ways of thinking about things, and laughing along the way. My main therapeutic tool is the relationship we build, providing a safe space for sharing and vulnerability.

    Do your clients receive assignments to work on between sessions?

    Yes. Depending on what we are working on, I often share concrete, science-backed assignments to support you in getting closer to your therapeutic goals.

    Do you work with people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and religions? 

    Yes. I am trained in intercultural communication which helps inform my interactions with various cultural backgrounds.  

    However, I recognize I do know know everything about every way to be a person.  I have privileges including being white, cisgender-presenting, male, average size, and an American citizen. 

    I also have identities that take a backseat as being gay, in an international/intercultural relationship, liberal, agnostic and gender-fluid. 

    I do my best to be sensitive to whatever your cultural background is, and seek consultation when I need to know more, as I don’t expect you to teach me. I also am not perfect, and welcome you to call me out on any blind spots that may come up.

    Is there anyone you won’t see?

    It is important that you get the therapy support that makes sense for the particular stressors you are experiencing. I am most competent to work with Anxiety, ADHD, LGBTQ+ and Couples Therapy. 

    Outside of these areas, I’d be happy to provide referrals for areas If you are looking for any of the following as main reasons you are coming to therapy, you may need more specialized therapy support: severe depression, personality disorders, substance use, eating disorders, PTSD/Trauma, domestic violence, sexual abuse. You deserve to get competent therapy support.

    What modalities do you use in your client work? 

    What you are coming to therapy to get support on informs which therapeutic modalities I include in our work together.  Some of the main modalities I focus on are Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Existential-Humanistic, Experiential, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, and Ecotherapy.

    What is your professional training and experience?

    I have a Masters in Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. During my time in graduate school, I also received a certificate in Ecopsychology.  

    I have received training in Intercultural Communication, Ecotherapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, CBT, Internal Family Systems, LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Competency, Nature Therapy Interventions, Decolonizing the Therapeutic Experience, Anxiety & Polyvagal Coping Skills, Men’s Body Image Issues, Binge Eating Disorder, Military Culture Tier 1 Training, Feminist Theory, and Expressive Arts Therapy Techniques.

    Are you a dog or a cat person?

    Both.  I love the cuddly affirming energy of a dog but also the sassy independence of a cat.  In healing work, dogs are teachers of unconditional love, while cats teach self-love.

    What bops have you been listening to on repeat lately? 

    Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, The Bargain Store by Dolly Parton, Break My Soul by Beyoncé, California Dreamin’ cover by The Beach Boys, Fabulosity by Todrick Hall & Chaka Khan

    What have you been streaming lately? 

    Stranger Things, The Real Housewives, My Feet Are Killing Me, The Flight Attendant

    What is your favorite animal?

    The manatee.  I have a collection of many types of manatee figurines. Recently I got to live my dream of swimming with them in Crystal River, Florida!

    Call me today at (843) 900-6880.