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    Individual Therapy

    “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton

    It’s time for a better state of mind.

    Today you finally decided it was time to get some support.  How exciting! You don’t know exactly what type of support or from who, you just know you need it stat. Another day of going through it seems unfathomable.

    You could spend another day cycling through the same thoughts in your head.

    “I’m a failure.”

    “I’m not enough.”

    “I’m unlovable.”

    “I’ll never get ahead in life.”

    These are some of the stories you tell yourself.  You look around, and you feel like you’re finding evidence to support these beliefs from friends, family, social media and at work.

    LGBTQ+, straight, BIPOC, white, partnered, ENM, single, teen, adult, whoever you are, therapy can help. You’ve gone through waves of being unsettled and being okay.  Instead of going through the motions of saying you’re okay, you’d like to truly mean it.

    This sounds great, but what if I’m stuck like this?

    You’ve heard it all before.  You can’t count how many times you’ve tried self help, previous therapists that you didn’t clique with, advice that didn’t fit from well intentioned loved ones, and trying to think your way out of it.

    Maybe I’ll be stuck like this forever. Maybe I should just give up and be on unfeeling autopilot the rest of my life. 

    Breaking news: You’re not stuck like this.  There are many people who are seeking the right support, and eventually they can find it. With individual therapy, you will get the opportunity to share your thoughts in real time as I help you to track your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We look for healthy patterns, and share tools to help you change these.

    Change is possible with therapy.

    There is a lot out there that is misleading or only works for a select few.  The therapy I offer has been scientifically proven through reproducible clinical trials again and again. If you are willing to take a leap of faith and commit to the work, you are guaranteed to see results. Though a holistic approach, we look at all the parts that make you you. From your history to your in the moment experience, your relationships over the years, and your hopes for the future.

    We start with understanding all of this, and then pinpoint where to take action. We build the scaffolding around you, touch up the art you are, and then you’ll fly free on your own. What makes the difference with people who do make changes in therapy is showing up, committing to the work, and feeling safe sharing with your therapist. Accept what is and commit to the change.  Gritty persistence forward despite the ups and downs is what makes the difference.

    I will help you make sense of your inner self.

    Through your time with me, I will help you understand all the influences on your well being.  This includes…

    …your thoughts, emotions and behaviors

    …your culture and family background

    …your identities and social connection

    …your environment, mental and physical well being

    …your beliefs, strengths and values.

    When you approach your wellness holistically from many different angles, you can implement a life that continues to be supported over time once therapy is over. I want to help you trust your inner experience, and have that reflected in your outer experience in the world. 

    Let’s map out a new life in therapy.

    Over your time in therapy, you will:

    increase your confidence in yourself

    gain clarity on what you value

    hold strong boundaries with others

    and have a path forward to a holistic state of wellbeing.

    My job is to create a safe space where you feel okay to process through your experiences. Your job is to show up and commit to the process. I will be there to support you and listen all along the way as well as suggest new ways of seeing the world to consider. Things will change a little at a time, and then you will look back and see what a momentous journey you’ve taken. You won’t recognize the person the person who started therapy and you’ll be so proud of the person you are when therapy is completed.

    It’s time to start trusting yourself. Call me today for a free consultation.