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    Intercultural Relationships

    Are you exhausted from the same conversations over and over because your partner doesn’t understand your lived experience? You feel the pressure cooker of both love for your partner and frustration that larger societal assumptions influence how they interact with you. Could your partner just swallow their pride for one day and acknowledge maybe they don’t know everything about why you feel the way you do?

    Imagine you and your partner being able to see the strengths in each other’s differences.  Instead of conflict over cultural nuances, your partner is able to fully see you and walk a day in your shoes. Your partner is able to love and appreciate you for your differences as well as your similarities.  You have a sense of what it is like for your partner to exist in different environments and communities, bringing clarity to why it brings up the stress it does.

    Whether you and your partner share differences in gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, national/regional origin, religion, beliefs, values and other differences, we can explore these with sensitivity, bringing you and your partner to a closer place of understanding.

    Let's start working together!