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    Queer Community

    You want to live fully as yourself.

    You see things differently than the average person. You want to walk in your truth. Society and others often expect you to be what you are not.

    You’re tired of being treated as a second class citizen.  Being fully seen and living authentically is simply what you want. You are sometimes scared to fully share yourself with others.  Will others react badly?  Can you be sure you’ll be safe?

    Imagining what it would be like to have a community of people who accept you for you can seem far off – is it possible to find that? You know you don’t fit into the binary or heteronormativity. You’re tired of being misgendered or assumed to be in relationship with a certain sex. 

    You want to exist fully without having to explain yourself.

    Having another person from the LGBTQ+ community can be powerful in giving you the space to share and explore your truth. It is important to work with a therapist who fully accepts your most authentic self.

    Finding community that also identifies as LGBTQ+ can also be powerful in giving you the support you need. Having relationships with folks who also celebrate who they are through an accepting community can give you room to blossom into you.

    Get the support and empowerment to be authentically you. 

    There are many emotions, stressors and past negative experiences that can create fear around how to express your authentic self. There are also experiences of euphoria, happiness and positivity that come when you are living your truth.

    Sitting with a therapist you don’t have to teach about your experiences can help you take a load off. And beyond that, we are not just our identities. How much me focus on identity or not in therapy is entirely up to you.

    A therapist that understands makes a difference in therapy . 

    Having a therapist who is knowledgable in LGBTQ+ experiences can change the game in a therapy process. Having a provider with a lived experience in the community can also give some comfort to open up and be vulnerable to the therapy process.

    No matter your sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, partner status, or other identity, I will embrace you. I get how it can be frustrating and anxiety-producing to find a therapist who understands your life and doesn’t make assumptions about how its supposed to go.

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    Let's start working together!