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    Queer Identity

    From a young age, boys and men are indoctrinated to be tough, masculine and not show feelings. Girls and women are are told they’re supposed to be soft, nice and quiet. Being a queer person, you likely were even more hyperaware of this as you lived in a cishetero-centric society. Each queer person has a different experience, but most all can relate to struggling through trying to find yourself outside the boxes laid out for us.  Maybe you are in the questioning phase and still figuring out who you are. Maybe one identity fit for a while, and then something became more clear.  

    Whether you are gay, bi, transgender, questioning, non-binary, genderfluid or another queer identity, you have had likely have experienced some sort of stress around your gender and/or sexuality over the years. At Therapy with George, we provide a safe space to meet you where you are in your process.  It is okay to show up as yourself!

    • Questioning
    • Coming out
    • Transitioning
    • Religious trauma
    • Bullying

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