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    On the Fence Relationships

    Gain clarity in your relationships.

    Does your relationship feel like things are too good to leave, but too bad to stay? You have a good friendship with your partner, but at this point in the relationship you feel like roommates. There is nothing obviously bad about the relationship.  On paper your relationship has it all.  So why aren’t you happy it?

    When you try to communicate about your concerns, the conversation seems to go in circles for you both. Then things go back to going through the motions. You feel the pressure to act like everything is okay when there is nothing obviously bad about your relationship. You often think, “Something’s gotta give.”

    You feel numb and emotionally disconnected in your relationship.  You want physical intimacy but something doesn’t feel right. Whether you are by yourself or in the same room as your partner, your throat and chest tense up and you’re tired of thinking about it. You consider if you are enough for anybody, and wonder if you even understand yourself. Did you lose yourself in the relationship?

    Imagine getting clarity on whether or not to stay with your partner.  Both of you finally have clarity on whether to stay or go. You have a newfound appreciation for your partner’s perspective and having your own perspective heard and validated.

    Therapy with George is for you if you are open to your relationship either getting better, separating, or restructuring it on new terms. It is for you if your goal is to get clarity on whether to stay together and work on things or change the status of your relationship.