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    People Pleasing

    You are notorious for putting others needs above your own. Big loud demanding personalities overwhelm you. Then you give in to their needs to keep the peace.  Often you feel you are giving too much in your relationships with not a lot in return.  Frequently you worry about doing all the right things in your relationships. You can’t count how many times someone has said you are a people pleaser, too passive or too go with the flow. Outside you may seem cool, calm, and collected while inside your anxiety is through the roof. You feel trapped in a pressure cooker. Does this sound familiar?

    You may consider if you will have to keep your wants, needs and desires to yourself for the rest of your life. You may even tell yourself a story that you are just a kind, giving person that will do anything for anybody.  Meanwhile you are pushing down thoughts that something is off.  You push past your capacity emotionally and physically when you’ve reached your limit.

    Beliefs like “I’m not worth it” and “I’m not enough” cross your mind. You are quick to apologize to others for existing, feeling that you don’t want to burden anyone, and rarely ask for anyone’s help. Yet you will take on responsibilities for others in a heartbeat. More often than not, you are overthinking situations with the people in your life. You don’t want to offend or inconvenience anyone, even in the smallest way.

    Imagine being able to set healthy boundaries in your relationships with friends and family that are respected.  You are able to speak up for yourself without being worried about hurting or disappointing others. You feel you are able to honestly consent to taking on responsibilities and can say “NO” when you want to. There is time for yourself. You are able to ask others when you need help.

    Therapy with George is for you if you enjoy laughing about the tough things in life. It is for you if you are open to making bold actionable changes in your life.

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