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    You are an LMFT-A looking for a supervisor.

    You are ready to knock out your supervision hours under a supervisor that you jive with; a mentor who cares about you and your clients. A variety of experiences and knowledge in the counseling field would be a plus. When things get stressful with clients, you need someone who has your back.

    Through our counseling careers, its tough to find a supervisor that meets all your needs.  Whether it be law & ethics, learning counseling modalities, or structuring a private practice, you need someone on your team.  

    You have questions about how to best serve clients that need to be answered. School was already a lot, and now you’ve got to navigate the licensing board, finding supervision and getting continuing education! All the while trying to take care of yourself and trying to manage your own mental health.

    You wonder how you will get all your supervision hours.

    I offer both individual 60-minute and group 90-minute supervision sessions. For the state of South Carolina, at least 100 individual and 20 group hours of supervision are needed to apply for full LMFT licensure. 25% can be online while 75% needs to be in person. We can schedule as frequently as you would like.

    Not only will you get my support, but the support of of your fellow supervises whether you meet in a dyad or multiple group members. Typically I try to match you with other supervisees in dyads that count towards individual supervision hours.

    It is important to have colleagues that support you in a variety of ways.  We are able to boost each other up in our differing strengths and challenge each other to think in new ways. It is powerful to know you are not alone is pursuing the daunting journey of becoming a licensed therapist. 

    How do I know if you’re the best fit for me?

    Please take a look at my CV here to see my background in education, training, certificates as well as diverse clinical experiences. 

    Generally interns have described working together as a balance of a challenge, giving practical interventions to use as well as supporting you in building up your confidence as a therapist. I want you to become the therapist you want to be, and support you in pursuing both your client interests as well as modalities you’d like to pursue.

    An understanding supervisor makes a difference in supervision. 

    I get what it is like to start out in the counseling profession. A past supervisor of mine described it like going through mental health boot camp.  You’re exposed to so many types of clients who range all over the map in presenting struggles. 

    Getting centered in yourself and what you bring to the table can be an overwhelming time.  Through our work together, you will gain clarity on your strengths as well as gain clarity on your growth areas. We will make sure you as a person are getting support as well as you the professional therapist.

    Reach out today to set up a time to chat and see if we may be a good fit for one another over your LMFT-A process.