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    Walk & Talk Ecotherapy

    Sitting in an office or looking at someone on a screen might not be the best fit for you, or maybe you just prefer something with movement.  Being in nature could help you to feel peace as opposed to an indoor space.

    Walk and talk Ecotherapy is a form of therapy I offer.  We would meet at such locations as a county park or the beach to do exactly what it sounds like – walk as we talk and do therapy that is traditionally offered sitting down. I am trained with an ecopsychology certification to provide ethical outdoor services, with multiple years of outdoors therapy experience. Let nature be co-therapist with me as we process through your needs together.

    Walk & Talk Ecotherapy is for you if you prefer being on the moving to sitting still.  It is for you is being in natural settings help you feel at ease. It is for you if being inside or looking at a screen increases your anxiety.